Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to Basics

Thursday  December 9, 2010

Central America spoiled me with cheap transportation, inexpensive food and private rooms for $5. Just got back from supermarket where I bought food for next 3 days, ham, bread, water and hot dogs. For me to continue to travel I must make sacrifices. Stay away from restaurants and fast food. Budget busters.

As beautiful as it is here, the wind has been blowing at least 50 mph since yesterday. Therefore biking and kayaking, the two most popular things to do, are out of the question for now. Will take some pictures of the town later. Kinda has that Swiss chalet town sorta of feel with chocolate specialty stores on every corner.

Been given bad news by backpacker who went to Ushuaia and did the cruise to Antarctica. While there is usually room for someone at the last minute do to a cancellation, the discounts are no longer down to $2500 for the cruise. More like $3500. Will have to do some serious soul searching.

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