Friday, August 12, 2011

Bariloche to El Chalten

Saturday   12/11/10

For the 1st time in 48 hrs it is not raining, though there are the occasional snowflakes. I leave tonight (8 pm) on a bus for 28 hrs down the famed and rough Ruta 40. While the first 10 hrs will be in darkness, I am looking forward to some amazing scenery. I have secured the no. 1 seat on the top deck of the Double Decker bus and it will almost be like driving with a huge window in front of me seeing everything the driver sees except from above. I arrive at El Chalten at midnight. Not an ideal time to look for your hostel. El Chalten is home to Fitz Roy mountains and supposedly one of most beautiful sights in Patagonia. Hoping for good weather. Miss everyone back home but only heard from Beau in last 10 days. (hint)  Can't ever seem to catch anyone on facebook.

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