Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Natal, Brazil


So glad to be out of Recife. Hard to see sights in Olinda when no one at the hostel speaks more than 2 words of English. Even in China, many people learned at least a little English in preparation of the Olympics. Most Brazilians speak neither English or Spanish. With the World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016 you would think that everyone would be learning to speak English. Enough ranting.Chilling out in Natal for 10 days until I bus for 8 hrs to Fortaleeza to catch my flight to Manaus. From there I bus into Venezuela. Got to talk to Scott, Kade and Madison on Skype last night and it was long overdue. Hopefully I will get recharged over next 10 days. No plans except for beach, swimming pool and 1 days of dune buggies on the high sand dune around Natal. It is supposed to be great fun with professional drivers taking you flying over the sand dunes for an entire day. Another unplanned expenditure. Luckily the free breakfast not only includes fruit but bread, ham and cheese. You know what I am thinking , right. Always make 1 or 2 ham sandwiches and keep for lunch.

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