Saturday, November 20, 2010

Parity, Brazil


Made it to Parity after 29 hrs on a bus and 3 hrs in the terminal. Thought I had direct bus from Foz to Sao Paulo but no, got dropped off in Santos and had to figure out that I should get a connecting bus on my own because all anyone speaks is Portuguese. But got connecting bus to Sao Paulo which took about 1 hr and then found out SOMEHOW (because everyone only speaks Portuguese) that I was at the wrong bus station. The other was clear across town so SOMEHOW I figured out how to use the Metro (subway) and made it to the other station and bought my ticket to Parity. But it didn't leave for 3 hrs and I was starving. Any terminal (bus, plane etc.) is not where you want to buy food.  I caught the 4 pm bus just in time for rush hour in the city of 13 million. When I finally made it to Parity I used the directions from Hostelworld which did not help at all. I tried asking for help but everyone just speaks Portuguese. (Theme is developing)  Finally another hostel showed me where it was since it was Next Door. Unfortunately they still have their old sign from a previous owner and not the name I booked under.

Better today after 12 hrs of sleep. It is not always fun backpacking but so worth every minute of it. Spent over an hour last night trading stories of past adventures. Some people make me feel like a rookie when it come to  backpacking where others are listening to every story with amazement. 2 more days here and then to Rio de Janeiro and Ipanema Beach and 1 of the 7 Wonders of the World. 

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